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A 7 Day Meal Plan

On the day the Challenge begins, you'll be sent a menu for the next week so you can see exactly what's ahead.  

Shopping List

The meal plan only contains easy-to-find ingredients and we will try to keep things economical by using the same ingredients for more than one meal. 

Snack Ideas

For many of us, finding healthy snacks to replace sugary, fatty ones is the hardest bit. The Challenge will include 35 healthy snack ideas.


What do people think of previous Challenges?

First week prepped! 1st time I've cooked purple cabbage! Also love the fact that it's quick & easy. Thanks Louise!

Hi Louise, cooked your lunches today and it went well. Made extra of the chicken for tonights dinner and then 5 lunch portions, all in an hour! All tastes really good!


You'll get a free eBook with daily menus for each day of the Challenge. Print them out and stick them on your fridge each morning so you don't forget exactly what you are going to eat that day!

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