What my Grandad Taught Me About Fitness

Let me introduce you to my Grandad.


His name is Sam.  He is 93 years old.

He is almost deaf, and has been this way for as long as I can remember.   Because of his age he has various other health problems too, as you can imagine.

But lets forget all of his for a minute – just look at him showing off in the park in front of his great-grandkids 🙂

My Grandad is still super-sharp and always speedy enough to grab my luggage and bring it in from the car whenever I come to visit before I have a chance to protest.

Every day, no matter what the weather is like, he goes for a walk to buy his paper and usually some heavy shopping too (he is a bargain hunter so likes to buy in bulk) which he pushes up quite a steep hill to get back home.

After he gets home, he reads his paper and does the Sudoku puzzle at the back – always the difficult level.

He’s been doing this for as long as I can remember.  

My grandad has taught me the importance of having a daily routine – of finding something which is good for you and doing it every single day without fail.

CONSISTENCY is the only secret to getting fit, losing weight or to anything else that you want to achieve in life.

You don’t hear about it that often because, lets face it, it’s boring.  It’s a hard sell; we love a quick fix – a 30 day transformation or a magical supplement which will change us without much effort.

You might not immediately see the results of walking for an hour a day or of taking the time to do something like fill in a gratitude journal every morning.  But you will someday.  My Grandad is the proof.

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