Spinach & Feta Topped Chicken Breast

This dish has only 5 ingredients and is one of my favourites.  It is so quick and easy to cook (tip:  buy pre-washed spinach if you can, if you have to wash the spinach it gets too watery, unless you use one of those salad spinner things or are organised enough to let it drain properly) and the spinach and feta work so well together.

[recipe-foody]Serves 2


2 x chicken breast fillets
3 heaped tbsp polenta
1 tbsp oil (plus a drop more or a spray of 1 cal oil spray for the spinach)
two handfuls of pre-washed fresh spinach leaves
50g feta cheese, cut into cubes
salt & pepper


  1. place the chicken breast fillets between two large sheets of baking paper or clingfilm
  2. using a rolling pin, bash the chicken breasts until they are as flat as possible
  3. put the polenta into a bowl and dip in the chicken breasts
  4. season the chicken breasts well (or you could add salt and pepper to the polenta bowl)
  5. heat up the oil in a frying pan and, when hot, fry the chicken breasts for a few minutes on each side until browned (exact cooking time will depend on how thin you have managed to get them so be sure to check they are cooked at the thickest part)
  6. meanwhile, heat up a the grill and a separate large frying pan or wok
  7. add in the oil or oil spray to the frying pan or wok, throw in the two handfuls of spinach and stir until wilted, seasoning well with salt and pepper
  8. when the chicken breasts are done, turn off the heat and top the chicken breasts with the wilted spinach and the feta cheese
  9. place the frying pan under the grill and leave until the feta cheese has browned a little


490 kcal | 58g protein | 17g fat | 26g carbs[/recipe-foody]


Spinach & Feta Topped Chicken

Spinach & feta cheese: a match made in food heaven

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