Nearly No Carb Burger & Bun


A burger AND a bun with nearly no carbs??!!

Yes it’s possible.  The bun is what are usually known as cloud bread or zero-carb bread, with a little added extra whey protein powder.

If you use good quality mince and keep it very simple, burgers will stick together without the need for egg and breadcrumbs.  Here I’ve only used a bit of barbecue sauce to bind things together (of course, you can use any kind of sauce – ketchup, brown, hot sauce etc.).  Don’t forget to add plenty of seasoning too.

There are two videos for this one.  Firstly, the burger:

And then the bun:


338 calories | 38g protein | 19g fat | 2g carbs

The full recipes can be found in my book High Protein Classics – order it here.  

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