Low Fat Chicken Tikka Masala

Let’s face it, Chicken Tikka Masala is not supposed to be low fat.  Whenever I’ve bought a ‘healthy’ ready meal version, it has always been tasteless.  It is supposed to have lots of ghee and cream in it.

Having said that, I’m really pleased with this recipe!  I’ve replaced the cream with Greek yoghurt and I’ve used minimal oil.

I decided to use regular Greek yoghurt rather than 0% fat Greek yoghurt for the extra creaminess (the regular version has only 5g of fat per 100g (and 9g of protein!) so is hardly going to ruin your diet).   I usually buy the 0% stuff because Greek yoghurt, together with eggs, is probably my main source of protein so I eat a lot of it – I suppose it’s like the difference between full-fat and semi-skimmed milk:  you get used to the lower fat stuff and forget how good the full fat version is.  But if anyone fancies giving this recipe a go using 0% Greek yoghurt, please let me know how it goes 🙂

A note on spiciness level:  for me, a heaped tablespoon of tikka spice mix in the sauce (step 6. below) was perfect, but my mum found it a bit spicy, so ½ a tablespoon would be better for a milder curry.


315 calories | 40g protein | 9g fat | 18g carbs

The full recipe can be found in my book High Protein Classics – order it here.  


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