Skinny Scotch Eggs

Scotch eggs are the perfect low fat, high protein breakfast and picnic snack.

If you like your eggs hard or semi-hard, this recipe is really easy.  If you like them runny, things get a bit more tricky and you have to watch your timings more.  After around 5 attempts I managed to crack it and I got a perfect runny Scotch egg (see my post on Instagram).  But if you are going to be saving any Scotch eggs for later, hard boiled is better anyway.

At first, I tried using my favourite pork & apple sausages.  But, if you watch the below video carefully, you will notice that one of the Scotch eggs disappears half way through.  This was the pork & apple one, sadly it fell apart!  The sausagemeat just wasn’t sticky enough.   I settled on lean pork sausages which work really well with the rich egg yolk and crispy polenta exterior.

Speaking of polenta, those of you who have followed me on Facebook for a while will know that I use it to cover everything.  Polenta is a great lazy option as it sticks to any meat without the need for dipping in egg – plus it goes really crispy when baked or fried.  But you could also use panko breadcrumbs or even some ground nuts in its place.

Note:  I’ve revised this recipe since making the video as I discovered that you can skip browning the top and bottom step!  Also, the recipe works very well with chicken sausages, which are super-lean.


251 calories | 32g protein | 10g fat | 10g carbs

The full recipe is included in my book High Protein Classics – order it here.  


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