Chilli con Carne

This version of Chilli con Carne has only 300 calories per portion (without the rice), a massive 33g of protein and only 7g of fat!  It will store well in the fridge for a couple ahead.  You can make a big batch, portion it out and heat it up for a quick high protein meal.

As any steak aficionado will tell you, fat creates flavour.  This means that when want to keep the fat and calories low by using very lean mince, you really have to pack in the flavours in other ways.

And this recipe certainly does:  the combination of spices such as chilli, cumin and paprika combined with beef and tomatoes hits the spot.  There is no need to cook the chilli for a long time but leaving it to sit for at least 10 minutes after cooking will make it taste even more amazing.

The recipe & full macros (calories, protein, fat & carbs breakdown) can be found in my book High Protein Classics.

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