High Protein Classics Book

Fajitas with Homemade Guacamole

After making fajitas using a disappointing ready-made fajita spice mix bought from the supermarket, I decided to have a go at making my own.  It took a few attempts to get it right but I finally cracked it. In this video, I’ve used Piedmontese strips, which work perfectly, but of course you […]

Super-High Protein Butter Chicken

My version of the Indian classic Butter Chicken is a high protein dream.  Combine chicken breasts, Greek yoghurt and nut butter and you get a whopping 52g of protein a portion! AND my version actually has butter in it (not a lot, but enough..) whereas many healthier versions call themselves […]

Thai Sweet Potato Fishcakes

Thai Sweet Potato Fishcakes

These fishcakes are incredibly tasty and packed full of Thai flavours.  This recipe makes plenty for 1 person or would be ideal as a starter for 2.  Serve with a wedge of lime and some sweet chilli sauce. The recipe & full macros (calories, protein, fat & carbs breakdown) can […]

Chicken Jambalaya

This is a super-easy one-pan meal, which means that there is no need to spend ages washing up afterwards.  It is ideal to make if you are meal-prepping as it will keep for a couple of days in the fridge. Macros (per portion, excluding greek yoghurt) 387 calories | 24g […]

Fluffy Coconut Protein Pancakes

These are just lovely to make on a relaxed weekend morning.  Serve with some fruit and a little maple syrup (tip:  if you use a zero calorie syrup, you can keep the macros of your breakfast super low). Macros 372 calories | 23g protein | 23g fat | 18g carbs […]

High Protein Cauliflower Pizza

Making cauliflower pizza used to be messy and time-consuming:  you had to blast the cauliflower in a food processor, microwave it and then squeeze out all of the water.  But now that all of the big supermarkets sell cauliflower rice/couscous/whatever-you-want-to-call-it, it’s easy.   Because the cauliflower has been blasted long […]

Chilli con Carne

This version of Chilli con Carne has only 300 calories per portion (without the rice), a massive 33g of protein and only 7g of fat!  It will store well in the fridge for a couple ahead.  You can make a big batch, portion it out and heat it up for a […]

Healthier Sweet & Sour Chicken

Like Crispy Chilli Beef, Sweet & Sour Chicken is a Chinese takeaway classic.  Here is a healthier version, without the oily batter and without the MSG.  This recipe is plenty for two people when served with rice – it doesn’t keep well so you are best to eat it straight […]

Easy Fish Pie

This quick and healthy fish pie is based on a Jamie Oliver recipe that has been tweaked over the years.  Usually I make it with sweet potato as you can get away with less oil, but I think it tastes even better with white potato. Unlike most recipes for fish […]