Super-High Protein Butter Chicken

My version of the Indian classic Butter Chicken is a high protein dream.  Combine chicken breasts, Greek yoghurt and nut butter and you get a whopping 52g of protein a portion!

AND my version actually has butter in it (not a lot, but enough..) whereas many healthier versions call themselves ‘butterless’ Chicken.  It STILL manages to have only 15g of fat a portion.

I always assumed that Butter Chicken was difficult to make, but I recently did an Indian cooking class with Rupen Rao when he was visiting Scotland and this was one of the dishes we made.  I’ve adapted Rupen’s recipe slightly to cut down on fat (Rupen’s more authentic version calls for chicken thighs rather than breasts, dried fenugreek leaves which you need to get from an Indian supermarket rather than ground fenugreek and cream instead of nut butter).

A note on the nut butter:  in the video you will see that I used cashew butter.  Indian cooking often uses ground cashew nuts as a thickener so I was trying to be authentic.  BUT in my practice run I used peanut butter (as I didn’t have any cashew) and it actually tasted better.  Plus it’s cheaper and easier to find.

The recipe & full macros (calories, protein, fat & carbs breakdown) can be found in my book High Protein Classics.

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