About Me

Hi there! I’m Louise Kang, the High Protein Cook.

As the name suggests, I love creating healthy high protein recipes.  I develop the recipes, film and edit the videos and take the pictures.

Louise Kang

I’ve never had any formal training in cooking, and for this reason I call myself a ‘cook’ rather than a ‘chef’.  As a result, all of my recipes are very easy and simple; I’m under no pressure to show off my skills.  And I only use ingredients which are easy to find.  Personally I don’t have the time to go around searching for exotic things which I’ve never heard of before.  So I assume that others won’t either.

My Story


This is me around 10 years ago.

My diet was pretty bad.  I lived on noodles with peanuts and soy sauce.

I wasn’t even that overweight, but I did feel frumpy.


A few years after the picture was taken, I started going to Body Pump at my local gym.

Les Mills classes may get a hard time from some gym-goers, but Body Pump was a fantastic introduction to lifting weights.

It transformed my body from a straight-up-and-down apple shape to a more womanly shape.

For the first time every I actually had a waist and a bum!


After a while, I hit a plateau. I became the most advanced person in my Body Pump class, and was lifting even heavier weights than most of the men…

The logical next step was to start working out in the weights section of the gym. But it was always crowded with big muscly guys, and I felt intimidated.

So I got myself a personal trainer, something which I would recommend that anyone who is nervous in the gym does.

Fast forward six months…….I was so into lifting weights that I became a personal trainer myself!

(I’m not the kind of person to have hobbies, when I find something I like, I get obsessed!).

It was at this point that I was the fittest that I’ve ever been.


I looked great.

But inside I was miserable.

What No One Ever Talks About

Being super-lean is extremely boring.

You have to constantly watch what you eat.

(unless you are very young or genetically blessed…)

And you have to exercise a lot.

For me, having a six-pack just isn’t going to happen unless I really starve myself.

And when I do that, I lose weight from my face too, which makes me look ill….which kind of defeats the whole purpose.

Finding the balance

I hate it when people talk about balance.

Whether it’s to do with juggling work and life or to do with nutrition, what exactly is balance??

The pressure of trying to find this elusive ‘balance’ can drive you crazy.

Rather than searching for it, it’s better to ask yourself the following question:

WHY Do I Want To Be Lean?

You might think that the ‘right’ answer here is to be healthy and live a long life.

But most people are too short sighted to have such a sensible reason.

We are emotion-driven creatures.

Here are the three true reasons:

  • we want to feel sexy
  • we want to feel confident (which comes naturally as a result of feeling sexy)
  • we want to feel young (it’s a sad fact of life that as we get older, our metabolism slows down, and we have to try a bit harder).

When you know and accept the real reasons why you want to lose weight (and keep the weight off), you can use them to motivate you.  And everything becomes a lot easier.

How Do We Lose Weight (And Stay Lean?)

….You are expecting me to say by eating protein, aren’t you??

Well, that would be a good start.

But it’s important to keep in mind that there isn’t ONE solution.

Nor is there ONE culprit which is keeping us overweight (it’s not sugar, not carbs or gluten..).

It’s our lifestyle as a whole.

We are moving less and eating more than we used to.

The solution is simple:

Find a way to eat less…or start moving more.

It may be simple, but it’s not easy.

How To Eat Less and Move More

It’s impossible to summarise the answer in a couple of bullet points.  But here are my tips:

  • Eat more protein (yes, I said it..).  Protein keeps you fuller for longer than carbs or fat and it has the added benefit of helping you to build and maintain your muscles.
  • Educate yourself about what you are eating.  The best way to do this is to download MyFitnessPal onto your phone and start becoming more aware of how many calories and how much protein/fat/carbs you are eating.
  • Find a way to incorporate more exercise into your every day life – buy a Fitbit and start tracking your steps, cycle to work instead of driving or take up a crazy new hobby (my current one is learning to handstand).
  • Surround yourself with people who are on the same journey.  A good start would be to join my Facebook Group High Protein Life.

My last bit of advice – don’t bash other people who don’t share your enlightened view on nutrition or who are on a different journey.  I used to do this and now I feel silly.


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